Flying Diplodocus


Flying Diplodocus aims to research, develop, create and produce innovative, experimental Circus-Theatre which pushes the art-form further on its journey of development and:

  • Helps question and rediscover what it is to be human
  • Influence Change
  • Create great art
  • Challenge such things as inequality
  • Communicate – Open up thought/conversation/debate.
  • Stimulate debate
  • Inspires positive political and social change
  • Investigates issues, beliefs & society
  • Inspires people with a common purpose and to take responsibility and action
  • Harnesses the art form’s potential to inspire positive social change
  • Brings Joy

We are: open, creative, supportive, socially conscious, environmentally aware, sustainable, self-sufficient, questioning, human centred, investigative and joyful in the pursuit of all of its objectives.

We have an in-depth understanding of physicality which allows us to understand the nature of circus movement in new ways, coupled with a background in theatre it places s at the forefront for the development of Circus-Theatre in the UK.

Founder Paul Evans has worked across the UK with: NoFit State, Crashmat Collective, The Roundhouse, Pif Paf, The Whispering Woodfolk, Seachange Arts, Liberty Arts Festival/National Paralympics Day and The Mahogany Opera Group.

Having come to circus via gymnastics and theatre Paul has seen the possibilities to push circus further, by not limiting skill to create theatre and choreography, but to use the skill as the foundation of dramatic and choreographic purpose. With this intent there is a desire to truly research what circus has to offer and so this is prominent in our approach to creating work. Our aim is to eventually set up a research centre for Circus-Theatre in the UK and encourage this practice throughout the art-form.

Approach to building development - Work on the building properly began in June 2020


Given the current financial situation, the impact of Brexit, and Covid on funding and the arts a new approach is needed to develop the building in Penrhys. Sustainability of both a community project and our planet depend on new approaches that broaden the spectrum of possibilities.


A community and professional space where all can feel a sense of belonging and ownership. A safe space to explore, research, try new things, share discoveries, and practice in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.

From plastic recycling to art.

When working on the building people from the local community have been wondering how they can get involved and help, as I had spent all of my money on buying the building, there was very little I could do to facilitate this on a longer-term basis. Without a structured plan for ongoing engagement, I felt this might be detrimental to the whole endeavor in the longer term.

Part of the wider ethos of the building is that everything is an artistic/creative practice, links to the community, and this should include the development. This philosophy ensures that there is a sense of ownership and purpose from the outset.

Investment in a plastic recycling workshop means that everyone can be involved even if this is just by contributing their empty (and clean) plastic. This is just as essential as any of the other more practical/ hands-on ways of contributing. The plastic recycling workshop serves multiple purposes:

  • Involves local community

  • Educates

  • Creates items for use in developing the building (plastic bricks, plastic tiles, plastic planks, etc.)

  • Creates artistic items for sale

  • Generates extra income to support the wider project

  • Supports sustainability

  • Fits in with Wales’ circular economy principal

  • Can also make items for shows

  • Makes recyclable planters for community growing

  • Provides a starting place that maintains a longer engagement

  • Broadens the spectrum of workshops that can be offered to generate income

  • If we can also buy a 3D printer we can make our own filament and increase the range of making.