Flying Diplodocus

Flying Diplodocus was set up by Paul Evans in 2014 with the principal aim of investigating the choreography of aerial and acrobatic circus disciplines and the nature of circus movement.  From this basis Flying Diplodocus seeks to research long-term, how Circus-Theatre can be choreographed in new ways to create dramatic structures, through breaking the traditional ‘routine’ aspect of circus performance, whilst retaining the highest possible skill level that is the root of the art-form. Our inspiration for choreographic approach comes from dance and physical theatre genres and the ways in which they have developed over the last 100 years and draws on acting and theatre techniques for both text and physicality.

In 2020 responding to world events, climate change and the need for social cohesion, Flying Diplodocus expanded its intentions and approach. We are currently in the process of setting up a plastics recycling social-enterprise to foster inclusion, sustainability and a connection between arts and environment. profits created through this workshop will be put to use in developing and maintaining our base and ensuring accessible practices in anything we do.