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Paul is a Director, Choreographer, Performer and Producer whose work has mainly focused on Circus-Theatre, physical theatre and Contemporary Circus, but spans Shakespeare to spectacle and everything in between. A former Welsh Champion Gymnast with a First-Class degree in Drama & Education specialising in directing and Acting from University Wales. Paul has undertaken training in circus with NoFit State (touring as an apprentice in: Static Trapeze, Flying Trapeze, Swinging Trapeze, Cloudswing, Rope, Silks, Tightwire and Rigging) and under private tuition in Belgium with Yuri Sacalov and Noé Robert. They have worked on most Aerial equipment including creating work for new constructions and specialises in Static Trapeze, new aerial equipment and hula.

Paul also teaches and guest lectures in creative aerial and physical theatre in practice. 

Directing and Choreography outside of Flying Diplodocus

Crashmat Collective  Paul is a founding member and Artistic Director of Crashmat Collective, a Wales based Circus-Theatre Company that seeks to change the boundaries and relationship between audience and performer.

Façade  (2013-14 – UK Tour) Director/Choreographer National Tours supported by Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council England, Wales Millennium Centre, Riverfront Newport, Creu Cymru, Jacksons Lane & NoFit State Circus

Shoppers Reflection (2015) Director/Choreographer, developed for the launch of Creative Black Country

Super Pseudo (2010 – 2012) Director /Aerialist/Actor Developed in association with Wales Millennium Centre, The Riverfront and Creu Cymru and Supported by Arts Council of Wales and Circus Futures

NoFit State  Circus Paul has worked with NoFit State as a performer, director and choreographer on their outdoor and site-specific work since 2008.

Artist in Residence – (2015 – 2016) Helping the company to shape and articulate their new creative vision, and supporting the new Artistic Director in their transition to a new role.

Journeys – (Artistic Director) Site-specific professional and community performance. Working with the community participants of NoFit State and guest artists, this piece was created to commemorate the destruction of their community space in the centre of Cardiff. It was a celebration of what had happened in that space, saying goodbye to a building and a comment on how we move through life and take experiences with us. Our journeys are inevitable, we just decide the directions that we take. This project was designed to engage the community participants and get them excited about the artistic side of circus, it also reached out to other artists working in the Cardiff community to create a performance that took over the whole building, with trapezes in the offices, science in the kitchen, recycled art-making in a cupboard and ropes in the lobby we fully occupied the building with the art and community.

Barricade - International Tour (Circus Choreographer/performer/ Aerial/Acrobatics. Director: Orit Azaz) Working with Orit Azaz for NoFit State, a largescale outdoor performance exploring the politics of the modern world, what is it to live in conflict, to rebel against the institution, to be governed by unknown powers? Incorporating new equipment and adapted equipment through individual and ensemble choreography and circus.

The Guardian: Barricade – Performance & Circus Direction

‘He spins around like the most graceful ballet dancer on a ladder at a dizzying height.’

Taking the Air (Circus Director & Choreographer/Performer, Director: Orit Aziz)

Block – International Tour (2016,17&18) (Phase 1 Artistic and research Director. Ongoing Circus Director and Choreographer) Working in a collaboration between NoFit State Circus and Motionhouse. Block explores urban environments, conflicts and how we live in close proximity to people. I started this project in 2012 researching what could be done with giant jenga blocks. During this research the movement qualities and construction qualities suggested the urban environment and themes, which were then taken forwards into the collaboration.

British Theatre Guide: Block – Circus Direction and Choreography

Combining the accessibility of circus with the intellectual rigour of dance theatre, Block is a fascinating, engrossing and occasionally alarming entertainment.

Arts Scene Wales: Block – Circus Direction and Choreography

Block is a stunning fusion of circus chutzpah and contemporary dance creativity. You can see both disciplines in the mix, perhaps the circus more so, but such a show demonstrates how different forms can enhance the whole experience of a piece.

Streets Alive (Circus Director and Choreographer/Performer, Director: Orit Azaz)

Open House - UK Tour (Circus Director & Choreographer, Director: Orit Azaz) Working with Orit Azaz and NoFit State this was a performance for the highstreets that encompassed workshops to create on the spot spectacle. Working with a professional cast, bespoke equipment and local community groups aspects of the show were directed live to respond to the environment and local history.

Cymbrogi – (Artistic Director) NoFit State Youth
Pirate Pandemonium - Site Specific (Director /Aerialist )
The Edge – Site Specific (Artistic Director)
Senedd - Site Specific – NoFit State Youth (Director and Choreographer)
Sparks – NoFit State Youth (Circus Director and Choreographer, Director:  Denni Dennis)

Freelance Credits

ILINX – (2019) The Roundhouse (Director and Choreographer) -

Duality – Artistic Director (NCCA Foundation Degree Year 1 Ensemble first 10-15 min’s)

Part 1 Light in the Dark investigates the connection of breath through the puppetry principal and then explores the individual within the ensemble.

Part 2 Dark in the Light Investigates how we begin to break down the boundaries of movement and acrobatics to create a wider choreographic frame.
(Video missing the first section, begins at 8.27) 

In both performances, each performer has their own performative response to questions which is then pulled together to create the choreography.

Sarab (Mirage) – (2018) Circus Palestine (Director and Choreographer –, Premier 13th April 2018, Jacksons Lane followed by an international tour) Sarab is a project with Circus Palestine/The Palestinian Circus School, highlighting the plight of refugees worldwide. It looks at representing the individuals involved in the multiple and continuing crises and is based on true accounts.
Coffee in Town – International Tour (2017&2018) Circus Palestine (Director and Choreographer) An outdoor show for anywhere between 200 and 3000 people a light show that looks at the coming together of people in one place. It looks at what different people offer in society, whilst also being a show for entertaining families.

Romeo & Juliet – (2017) Omidaze (Movement and Aerial Director/Choreographer, Director: Yvonne Murphy) Working again with Omidaze to integrate aerial performance into Romeo and Juliet for a small Welsh tour and residency at the Wales Millennium Centre.

Faust (Project in Development) – (2017) Mary Bijou (Artistic Director)

First Lady – (2017) Outside eye for George Orange

Henry VI – Omidaze (Movement and Aerial Director/Choreographer, Director: Yvonne Murphey)

Working with Yvonne Murphy for Omidaze on this all female production in the roof void of the WMC. A project that condensed all three play into one and included aerial performance from Henry.

Puffball - The Roundhouse (Circus Director & performer, Director: Mark Storor)

Paul worked with visual artist Mark Storor on a project working with LGBTQ youngsters and professional circus performers. The show looked at the lives of the performers and situations from their past and present in a collage of images and scenarios. Using visual landscapes the performers inhabit space and tell their stories via any means possible.

Individual Trapeze performance from Puffball:

Exeunt Magazine: - Puffball – Performance & Circus Direction
‘The show contains some incredibly powerful moments, including an opening sequence in which trapeze artist Paul Evans struggles to emerge from a blood-filled clingfilm chrysalis. Combined with the haunting onstage vocals of Gabi Frödén singing a refrain composed of the words ‘Follow the heart’, it is a moving and mesmerising sequence.’

This is Cabaret – Puffball – Performance & Circus Direction
‘Most illustrative of the inner turmoil that bleeds through the fabric of Puffball is Paul Evans‘ expressive static trapeze routine, with its gasp inducing changes of pace, surprising drops and – ouch – 10 backward elbow rotations.  This pain is real.’

The Guardian: - Puffball  - Performance & Circus Direction
‘…a superb static trapeze number is full of hurt and imminent danger. Performer and equipment appear to have a serious grudge against each other.’

Planetary – Pif Paf (Circus Director/Choreographer, Director: Helen Parlor) Working with Pif Paf and Director Helen Parlor to create an outdoor family show on a new structure. A family show looking at co-operation as a means to gain a shared goal.

The Red Thread – Site Specific - The Whispering Woodfolk (Director/facilitator)

No Devil Lived On – Mahogany Opera Group (Choreographer/Circus Consultant, Director: Frederic Wake-Walker)

Swagatam – Circus Kathmandu (Director and Choreographer) Paul spent 3 months in Nepal working with Human trafficking survivors to create a show based on their lives and experiences. Combining modern dramatic creation techniques with the culture and choreography relevant to Nepal. I created a show that they could break down into different parts and re-construct to allow them to shape and change the show over time as their skills and confidence improved. The idea was to start them on a new way of thinking about the skills that they perform and give them the confidence to start shaping their own creative futures. Due to the nature of work in Nepal, I needed to also create a show that could be performed outdoors without rigging and indoors with rigging, but still keep something authentic.

This video ‘Free’ contains extracts from the show being performed at Glastonbury and gives the wider context of the performers’ experiences.

This second version shows how it can be adapted to different locations.

Clowns Cry Too Site-Specific – The Opera Group (Choreographer)
HLF Project – Seachange Arts (Circus Director and Choreographer)
The Port of Amsterdam – Mary Bijou (Director /Trapeze/Singer)
The Edge - The Big Splash (Director / Writer /Korean Cradle/Trapeze)
Wreck and Roll Circus – (Bespoke Choreography Rope/Trapeze)

PERFORMING/ACTING (Circus & Theatre)

Multi-role – Moby Dick – Tin Shed Theatre – Director Justin Cliffe
Maxine/Trapeze/Hula – Pyjama Hideaway – Mary Bijou
Darling Darcy – Peter Pan – UK Productions – Director Andrew Margerison
Maxine/Hula – Christmas Fairytale – Mary Bijou
Maxine – Christmas Bauble – Mary Bijou – Director: George Orange;
Victor – Hitch – Mary Bijou – Director: James Williams;
Actor/Aerial/Acrobatics – The Mill – Ockham’s Razor - Director: Toby Sedgwick;
Aerialist/Dance Captain – The Big Splash – Walk the Plank – Director: James Roberts;
Trapeze/Singer – Revolution Cubana – Mary Bijou – Director: George Orange;
Cloud Swing/Korean Cradle/Acrobatics/Trapeze/Fire/Rigger and general performance – ParkLife – NoFit State – Director: Orit Azaz;
Trapeze/Rope/Fire/Acrobalance/Rigger – Big Chill Nights - NoFit State ;
Trapeze/Acrobatics – Splott on the Landscape 4, NoFit State;
Trapeze/Acrobalance/Strop/Fire and general performance - Immortal: I had the power to… - Director Firenza Guidi, NoFit State;
Trapeze/Acrobatics/Strop and general performance – Monstrous Regiment – Director: Firenza Guidi, Invited artist in a Laboratory exploration and performance;
Trapeze and Acrobatics act – The Curve Leicester – Bespoke Choreography;
Acrobat/Trampette Specialist/Acrobalance Base and Flyer - Splott on the Landscape 3– NoFit State;
Trapeze/Acrobalance Duo – Swindon Summer Festival – NoFit State Circus, Open Air performance;
Puck/Philostrate/Dance Captain – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Director: Erica Eirian;
Dylan Thomas – Catlyn and Dylan: A Story about Love (Premier: Laugharne Festival) – Directed by Jackie Cornwall;
Turtle/Ensemble – Tales from Japan (Physical Theatre) - Directed by Lotta Anulf;
Puck – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Directed by Gail Crimmins;
Pirate/Acrobat/Understudy Captain Hook – Peter Pan –Directed by Anthony Williams – UK Productions;
Pirate/Acrobat/Understudy Captain Hook – Peter Pan – Directed by Jullian Wodford – UK Productions;
Pirate/Acrobat/Understudy Captain Hook – Peter Pan –Directed by David Lloyd Jones – UK Productions;


2014 -awarded funding from The Jerwood Choreographic Research Project, in association with The Roundhouse, Deda, Birmingham Hippodrome, Greenwich and Docklands Festival, and The Mahogany Opera Group and supported by Arts Council of Wales; to conduct research into Aerial and the Voice and Aerial and Repetition. Previous to this Paul conducted a short piece of research into verbatim text and aerial hoop work. Research summary papers available upon request.

2015 Research Lab – Directing and Choreographing for Circus: How do we use the tools of Theatre and Dance in Circus and adapt the techniques so that they don’t limit skill, whilst still creating theatre that has depth, movement that has feeling or scenes that have clarity and exist on all planes.

Part of NoFit State’s research team for large-scale outdoor and participatory work.


Paul has instigated a series of Creative Aerial masterclasses for professional and advanced community circus performers and developed this approach to work in Aerial for Physical Theatre with Northwest Regional College (Derry), Carampa (Madrid), and Cardiff Met.